Who and What Is GamStop?

Who and What Is GamStop?

Who and What Is GamStop?

October 18, 2022

Steve Anthorton

Non UK Gambling Sites

GamStop are an organisation that allows people to self-exclude from any UK licensed gambling sites. All gambling site operators that hold a UK Gambling Commission issued license are required by law to become part of that scheme.

There is however no requirement or even a system in place that allows non UK based gambling sites to have access to the GamStop database, and as such anybody that has self-excluded themselves from UK licensed gambling sites via that service are free to sign up to any of those overseas located and licensed sites.

As for whether there are any true and very real benefits therefore of signing up to GamStop, well it will at the very least enable anyone to not have access to gambling sites operating in and licensed in Great Britain, but those wishing to stop gambling altogether, and not risk gambling at overseas licensed sites  should consider making use of some other organisation’s services too.

There are plenty of help and support groups who will be more than happy to advise you on how you can go about giving up gambling in any shape and form and in any environment too, so if you do know that deep down you have a gambling related problem, be prepared to reach out to those other groups for support.

Plenty of people have cut back or even given up gambling by using the service offered by GamStop, and you will find a highly detailed insight and overview of what they offer by heading on over to their website and taking a look around it, you can also sign up to their services directly via their website as well.

Non GamStop Approved Casinos

#1List of Best Casinos Not on GamStop 100% Legal & Licensed Verified Bonus Mobile Friendly

Huge Range of Live Betting Opportunities

You are always going to get access to a never ending of betting opportunities if you decide to register as a new customer of any of the many different sports betting sites not on GamStop listed upon this site.

I have ensured those that you will see showcased and presented to you always not only offer a diverse range of live betting markets but are also sites that can be relied on to always deliver to you the highest betting odds in the industry as well.

Bingo Chat Games Always Available

I do often get asked which are the bingo games that players have the most fun playing online and which games offer plenty of additional cash and bonus prizes too, well I would suggest if you want by far and away the ultimate bingo playing experience you give the bingo chat games a whirl at any of my featured bingo sites not on GamStop of which there are plenty of them listed and reviewed throughout this website.

Bigger Casino Bonus Offers

One thing that I do have to say that I have noticed, and I am more than confident that you will notice too is just how large and just how generous the bonus offers, deal and promotional offers are that you will find available and on offer at all non GamStop casinos they certainly do know how to designed appealing bonuses for sure.

But as is always the case you should read the terms and conditions attached to any bonus offers or promotional deals that you do come across and have access to, as that way you will be able to discover which ones are going to suit you and your gambling style and bankroll the best.

Cash Ring Poker Games

With a nonstop range of different poker games available via their cash ring games, if playing poker is a passion of yours and you want to locate a poker sites or real money poker app that have plenty of those types of games then it will be at any of my featured poker rooms not on GamStop that you should be making a beeline to play at for sure, as they all come highly recommended for avid online or mobile poker players.

Games You Will Love Playing Online

If you are one of the many people that cannot resist the non GamStop live games just be aware that some casinos now offer a much bigger range of those types of live games than other casinos so you will find plenty of new games such as the Cash or Crash at selected casinos, and many players have been raving about that game by the way.

Some other popular live casino games that players can never get enough of playing are the Lightning Roulette game that offers huge payout odds on specially selected numbers along with the Crazy Time game which is a wheel spinning based game, plus you will of course find plenty of slot sites not on GamStop if playing real money slot games online or on a mobile device is more to your liking of course.

Is It Worth Signing Up To GamStop?

Only you will truly know deep down whether you have a gambling problem and if you do then it will pay dividends in the long run for you to sign up to not only the GamStop scheme but also reach out to any of the many other help and support groups too.

There are some things you may be worried about when you are thinking about joining GamStop so let me inform you firstly that Gamstop will not affect your credit rating and if you have the willpower then it is also worth me pointing out that GamStop can work and can help you give up gambling.

Just try and avoid searching out casinos not registered with GamStop for even though you may be on GamStop those casinos located overseas will always allow you to sign up, deposit and gamble at their sites, and to save you checking, there are no UK casinos not on GamStop so don’t waste any time trying to see if there are any, as there isn’t.

If you do decide to gamble online then there are never going to be a shortage of ways that you can fund a real money gambling site account and you will easily have the ability and option to make casino deposits when on GamStop at sites that are not licensed in the UK.

Learn More About GamStop

There are always going to be pros and cons about joining any self-exclusion scheme and be aware that GamStop won’t stop you going to bingo and even more importantly you cannot cancel GamStop early so do not join and then try and cancel your participation in that scheme early as they will never permit you to do so.

It will take you about a minute or so to register with sportsbooks when on GamStop so try and avoid such sites if you do have a gambling problem, for these days it is way too easy to simply sign up to such a site that does not hold a UK issued gambling license.

As for just how you are going to be able to get money into a newly opened real money account at a non GamStop gambling site whether that is a casino or bingo site or even a poker or betting site, well please do be aware they and all non GamStop casinos accept Paysafecard and those vouchers are very easy to buy from most local shops.

I do get asked a lot will your bank know I am on GamStop there is no way for any banking institution to know you are on that self-exclusion register, but they will obviously know that you do gamble if you have been suing your bank card or bank account to either make deposits or withdrawals into or out of any type of gambling site or gambling app.

GamStop Listed Casinos

The casino and gambling sites that are part of the GamStop scheme are huge in number and many people try and always fail to try and get around Gamstop bans, so please if you are part of that scheme and get the urge to try and open an account with any member gambling site, do not bother doing so.

If you do attempt to sign up to or even log into any accounts that you once did hold with sites such as Bet365 or 888 Casino or even BetFred then you are going to find you will not be able to do and no matter how much you may badger their support team members they will not allow you to log into your now closed accounts or sign up and open a new one.

The very same can also be said about all Unibet owned and operated sites and the same response will also be forthcoming from Coral and both Betfair and BetVictor too.

It is worth me telling you that all of those gambling site operators will out at risk their gambling license and could be heavily fiend for allowing anybody that has signed up to the Gamstop scheme to gamble on their sites or apps, hence they take a zero tolerance approach if anyone tries to do so.

Author: Thomas Torres