Which Sites Are Not Registered With GamStop UK

Which Sites Are Not Registered With GamStop UK

Which Sites Are Not Registered With GamStop UK

October 18, 2022

Steve Anthorton

Non UK Gambling Sites

All sites that are licensed outside of the UK are not registered with GamStop UK and as such if you are one of the many hundreds of thousands of people that added your details onto their self-exclusion database you will have access to those other gambling sites.

The non UK Gambling Commission regulated casinos and other gambling sites have no access what so ever to the GamStop database and as such they do not know who is registered upon it, so you will still be able to gamble at those sites in a completely hassle free type of way.

If you want to ensure that you do not gamble at those sites too then the only way that you will find your access blocked is by contacting each of them individually and requesting to be self-excluded from those sites.

That is of course going to take you quite some time, given the sheer number of non UK licensed gambling sites out there and considering the sheer number of such sites does grow higher each and every single week of the year.

Another way that you can help yourself to give up gambling is by making use of the many additional support groups and organisations that have been set up to offer around the clock and just as importantly completely free and confidential advice and support to anybody with a problem gambling, so do consider reaching out to them as well as adding your name onto the GamStop register today.

Casinos You Can Always Trust

Play Safely Online

#1List of Best Casinos Not on GamStop 100% Legal & Licensed Verified Bonus Mobile Friendly

Generous Player Comps

Real money players should always be looking for the best comps and rewards when playing and gambling at any online or mobile casino sites for real money, and the non UK casinos of which I will showcase more than enough of them throughout this website are where you should be heading if you do indeed want to grab plenty of special offers and additional extras based on your level of play.

It is important that you understand not all bonuses come with fair and liberal terms and conditions, so when you like the look of any that you initially come across, always read the terms and conditions to see just how they have been designed.

Poker Sites For All GamStop Users

Spare no time checking out my featured and fully licensed poker rooms not on GamStop that is, if you enjoy playing in poker tournaments or taking your chances playing absolutely any poker game variants, as the ones I have listed are all sites that offer a diverse range of games and have plenty of tournaments scheduled day and night, 7 days a week as well.

Free Bets and Deposit Match Bonuses

As you will no doubt be looking for no end of free bets and no risk wagers but also ones that are best known for their high value deposit match type of bonuses are going to be revealed to you in my section of the website that I have dedicated to showcasing the most generous non UK betting sites on, so make sure you take a good look at those bookies sites sooner rather than later, as their offers and deals and promotional offers are always worth claiming and bagging.

Bingo Players Love Non Gamstop Sites

You will find very low cost bingo cards on offer and also always have the chance of walking off with a high and potentially life changing jackpot will be a breeze when you make your way and head on offer to any of my approved range of top rated non GamStop bingo sites.

Those sites by the way not only have an online bingo playing platform but each of them do too also have their own real money bingo apps as well, for those of you that fancy playing bingo on your tablet devices or your smartphone or any mobile device which has a touchscreen capability instead.

Thinking of Singing up to Gamstop?

The only real person who will know if you have a gambling problem is of course you, and having such a problem is the one main reason as to why so many people have signed up to the GamStop scheme, and whilst you will only be banned from UK licensed gambling sites, it will at the very least be a start and should help you stop gambling at those sites.

Things to bear in mind is that Gamstop will not affect your credit rating which is good to know and the one questions you will want to know if whether GamStop can work and help you give up gambling, well, the answer is yes as long as you always do then go on to resist the temptation to gamble at non UK licensed and regulated gambling sites and apps for real money.

But never lose track of the fact that casinos not registered with GamStop are easy to spot and available in high numbers but UK casinos not on GamStop do not exists no matter what people may tell you, as each of them are required by law to become members of that scheme.

There are never ever going to be any problems with your being able both to easily and quickly make casino deposits when on GamStop for you can in fact choose to deposit and even withdraw your winnings using any of the methods GamStop listed casinos offer via their banking interfaces.

It has become very apparent however that GamStop won’t stop you going to bingo as most if not all bingo clubs dotted around the UK require you to have to self-exclude yourself in person, so keep that in mind if you have been experiencing problems when gambling playing games such as bingo.

Please not though, and this is very important, that you cannot cancel GamStop early so before they will remove your details from their database of self-excluded players, you will have to wait for the time period you selected when signing up to their scheme to expire before your details will be removed from their database.

If you want a bet but are on the GamStop database, then be aware all you are going to have to do to be able to place your bets and wagers instantly and in real time for real money is to simply sign up to and register with sportsbooks when on GamStop there are loads of them around so doing so will be a hassle free type of experience.

No end of people have reported that their gambling transactions are being blocked by their bank when making deposits into gambling site accounts and if you then be aware non GamStop casinos accept Paysafecard and you can purchase them from plenty of convenience stores nearby where you live or work, so getting one will not be difficult at all.

At no time now or obviously when you sign up to GamStop will your bank know that you are on GamStop but any and all transactions that you do make into or out of your bank account to gambling sites will be displayed and logged on your bank statements so the bank will be able to see you have been gambling if they look.

GamStop and Ways Around It

It is never going to be practical or possible to get around Gamstop and then by doing so sign up to sites such as those owned and operated by the likes of Bet365 or888 Casino and BetFred, the answer to that is no it is not easy, in fact it is practically impossible.

If at any time by some fluke or miracle you do manage to open and gambling account and you manage to gamble for real money at those sites or even at Unibet the Coral gambling site or even on Betfair they are likely to discover you have rather quickly and you will not be paid out any winnings if you do manage to win anything.

So please never try and work ways around the GamStop system, as it is not worth it and never forget, that you did give up gambling in the first place at those sites via GamStop for a reason.

Live Casino Games Are Plentiful

A good mix of new games are always on offer at my featured and fully licensed non GamStop live casinos with live games for there are quite a number of such sites which now offer live games alongside their software driven games.

Do consider giving a whirl some games such as Cash or Crash the mega paying Lightning Roulette game and course most players personal favourite game show themed game, that being the Crazy Time game on offer at those sites and you will find more than enough slot sites not on GamStop also available if you fancy spinning some slot wheels and trying for a mega sized jackpot payout one day soon.

Author: Thomas Torres