What Is GamStop? | Everything You Need to Know About GamStop

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GamStop – Ultimate Guide to GamStop – Everything You Need to Know

June 19, 2020

Steve Anthorton

Non UK Gambling Sites

ultimate GamStop Guide header imageThe ultimate GamStop Guide and everything you need to know

Hi and welcome to the website, it has been a labour of love for me recently, however, I do hope you will have a good look around and find the Gamstop related news and information useful.

First and foremost, Gamstop does offer a completely free of charge service, and as such if you wish to sign up to it once you have read through this guide you will be able to do so quickly and easily at no cost what so ever.

What is GamStop

GamStop is a service that allows anyone in Great Britain self-exclude from various gambling related websites and apps in a straightforward and hassle-free way.

The way their system has been designed is that you simply register your own personal details and by doing so you will then find your gambling site accounts at all UK Gambling Commission licensed sites closed.

The number of people using Gamstop has been growing over the years, and it is a very successful way that you can completely remove the chance of you gambling again online at any site or via an app that is also part of the Gamstop scheme.

How GamStop Works

Let me quickly run through exactly what is being offered by the Gamstop service then you will be in the best possible position to make an informed decision as to whether it is going to be a scheme that will help you.

The GamStop register is simply a list of people who for one reason or another wish to give up gambling or at the very least have the temptation to gamble online or via a mobile device removed from them.

How that is made possible is that you must fill in the application form online to register to be added onto the Gamstop register which will, of course, see you giving your own personal details to that organisation.

Each of the gambling site and app operators that are part of that scheme then checks that database your name is now on regularly, and they are required to check their database of customers to see if you are one of their customers.

If you are then those operators will close down your accounts immediately and stop you from being able to gamble at their sites again by doing so they are also going to be monitoring all new customers to ensure they are not on the Gamstop register.

Should I Join Gamstop?

As to whether you should sign up to the Gamstop scheme, well that is a question that only you can answer, and it is something that you will need to think long and hard about, but it is safe to say if you are experiencing gambling-related problems there are many reasons as to why you should join.

Gambling can be and is for many people an enjoyable pastime and one that will see you experiencing many highs and lows too, as not every single gambling session will be a winning one.

However, having said all of that some people do get carried away with gambling and will then get into all manner of problems and that is when you should be seriously looking at every way possible for you to stop gambling.

If you know deep down that gambling is something you feel you are unable to control and you are spending way too much time gambling in any way shape or form and it is in a negative way affecting your day to day life then it is time to seek help and support.

Which Gambling Companies Are Part of Gamstop?

You are bound to want to know just which gambling site operators are part of the Gamstop scheme if you are part of that service, and as such I will now give you some ideas as to who those operators are and where they are based.

It is all of the gambling companies that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission that are part of that scheme and as such, each of those companies are licensed in the UK and are the biggest gambling firms in the country.

To be able to advertise your company in the UK if it is in any way shape or form gambling-related you must hold a full UK Gambling Commission license by the way.

But be aware that gambling companies that are based outside of the UK and are licensed in other countries are not going to be part of that scheme and as such if you do want to self-exclude yourself from those sites or any gambling apps they offer their customers, you will have to contact them directly and individual and ask to be self-excluded.

Are There Alternatives to Gamstop?

There are of course many alternative ways that you can give up gambling without having to self-exclude yourself from every UK licensed gambling site that is part of the Gamstop scheme, and I would advise you to explore those avenues first.

I have a deep respect for organisations such as Gamblers Anonymous for example and you will be able to attend meetings at various times of the day and week in towns and cities all over the UK, the details of which can be found on their website.

There are also plenty of software packages that you can download onto your computers, laptops, mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet devices that will stop you from being able to view and/or visit any gambling related sites too.

But at the end of the day do think long and hard as to just which service or organisation you make use of, for when it comes to giving up gambling if that is something you wish o do you are going to need a lot of help and support moving forward if you are going to succeed in your aim of giving up gambling for good, so explore every avenue is what I suggest you do.

Pros and Cons of GamStop

For those of you that have not joined up to GamStop, I want to now move onto giving you an overview of the pros and cons of joining Gamstop as by doing so you will be able to make up your own mind as to whether it really will be beneficial for you to join.

I am also more than aware many of you visiting my website is going to have a whole range of questions about joining Gamstop too and many of those questions will be answered in the section below.

Do also have a good look around my website too as there are plenty of additional guides news stories and articles that are all related to Gamstop and they may also be of great use to you, and I do update my website regularly too with plenty of additional content, so do feel free to have a good look round, for if you seek you will find.

Blocked from All UK Sites

Keep in mind that as soon as you do add your name to the Gamstop register then very, very soon after doing so you are going to find all accounts at UK licensed gambling sites and apps that are part of that scheme closed.

That does ensure that very quickly any risk of you gambling via those sites or apps will be negated, so please do consider signing up to Gamstop sooner rather than later if that is something your urgently need to do.

Non-UK Sites Not Part of Scheme

There is also the fact that non UK licensed and operated gambling sites and apps are not part of the Gamstop scheme, so where that scheme does fall down somewhat is that when someone who has registered and have their name on its self-exclusion register they could simply open an account at one of those other sites that are not in the scheme.

That does, however, put some of those gamblers at risk, for whilst many gambling sites and apps licensed in other countries of the world are run and operated to the very highest of industry standards, not all of them are.

No Actual Help and Support

Keep in mind that Gamstop is purely a self-exclusion register, and as such if you need to chat to someone, or have a face to face meeting then that is something they do not offer.

So just keep that in mind as you will simply be signing up to a self-exclusion register when using their service and if you do feel you need any type of help and support with your gambling-related problems then you will need to seek such assistance elsewhere.

Plenty of Success Stories

There is no doubt that for those that do need to stop gambling the Gamstop tool does work, and if you do want to stop gambling online at any UK based and licensed gambling site or app then it is a service you should grab with both hands.

It is completely free of charge and you will certainly not have to jump through any hoops to sign up to that scheme, and you can, of course, find out more about it by heading on over to the Gamstop website, so make sure you do so sooner rather than later if it is a scheme you are interested making full use of.

You Will Need Willpower

Even if you do sign up to the Gamstop scheme that is only going to see you have your online and mobile betting site and apps closed, and therefore you are still going to have to have some very strong willpower.

For even when you are on the Gamstop register there is nothing stopping you from gambling at a site or via an app that is licensed outside of the UK or even visiting a land-based gambling venue such as a betting shop, bingo club or casino, so you will need strong willpower and will to look at other ways to completely remove the chance of you gambling again.

Long Term Self-Exclusion

Finally, please do keep in mind that you are going to be self-excluded from all Gamstop member gambling site and app operators when you joining up to that register and as such you are not going to be able to place a bet or gamble at any of those sites or apps.

As mentioned there are plenty of alternative schemes and organisations that can help you on your journey to give up gambling so please do explore every single one of them is there are plenty of other ways you can address your gambling problems in many different ways and overcome them all too.

Always Gamble Responsibly

I know that you have probably heard the saying when the fun stops, stop, and have seen many responsible gambling advertisements over the years, but when it comes to gambling in any way shape or form that is something you should always make a point of doing.

If you do not set yourself some limits or get varied away when gambling there is always the very real chance you could lose a fortune, and that I something that nobody should ever experience.

If you do decide that Gamstop is not for you then look at some of the many other ways you can put into place a responsible gambling strategy. That could include making use of the deposit and loss limit tools that all UK based, and license gambling sites and gambling apps have on offer to each of their customers.

Frequently Asked Gamstop Questions

In this final section, which I suggest you read through too, you are going to find lots of different questions that you may just have about Gamstop. So please do feel free to read it through in full and digest the answers to each of the following questions, then look around the website and make full use of my many other guides, articles and news stories too.

Is It Just Online Casinos I Can Self Exclude From?

You are not going to only find yourself being self-excluded from online casinos if you do sign up to the Gamstop service, for every gambling related site or app any of the member operators own are also part of the scheme, so keep that in mind if you do need help giving up gambling.

When Can I Join Gamstop?

You are able to sign up to the Gamstop scheme at any time of the night or day, so if you do feel you need to do so right now then head on over to their website and fill in the registration form, their website is available 24 hours a day and as such you really will find it a breeze to sign up.

Is There a Better Alternative to Gamstop?

Just keep in mind that you are not going to be forced or obliged to sign up to the Gamstop service, but many people do find it is a hassle-free and very easy way for them to be self-excluded from a large number of gambling sites and apps, there are however several different alternatives to Gamstop some including software that blocks you from visiting gambling sites, and there are of course gambling support groups and helplines too.

Is Gamstop Free to Join?

You are not going to have to pay a single penny to become part of the Gamstop service, you simply fill in an online form and your application will be processed quickly. Keep in mind that it may feel a bold step, but if you do feel deep down it is the right step to take then that is what you should do.

Will Being on Gamstop Affect My Job?

The Gamstop register is shared between all gambling-related companies that are part of the scheme, it will in no way affect your job in any way, the whole purpose of the scheme is to allow anyone who wants to self-exclude themselves from all operators signed up to the scheme to do so rapidly.

Does Gamstop Affect Credit Rating?

There are no credit checks when you add your name onto the Gamstop register. Keep in mind though that some banks have been known to turn down or ask people questions if they have lots of gambling site or app payments coming into or out of their bank accounts.

Can I Sign Up to Gamstop Instantly?

The form is very straight forward on the Gamstop website, and as such it is not going to take you long at all to become part of that scheme. However, if you want more information on how it operates then do check out their website as it is quite informative for those thinking about registering.

Do Many People Use Gamstop?

It would surprise you just how many people do use Gamstop, however, it will be your decision to make to start using their service, and at any point in time when you do feel your gambling has got out of hand then they are certainly a good option, but one of many that you could find very helpful to put you onto the road of recovery.

Should I Tell Anyone I Am Using Gamstop?

You should try and seek as much and help as you can do if you want to overcome a gambling problem, however, that is often easier said than done, so if you do not wish to discuss being on the GamStop register then that will be your decision to make.

Do I Need to Download Anything?

There is nothing to download so no software to install when it comes to using Gamstop so if you do want to give it a try as one of the many possible tools you do use to help you give up gambling then you really should head over to their website and register, for that is all that you are going to have to do, register, to start your new journey through life without gambling.

What Gambling Sites are Part of GamStop?

The type and range of gambling sites and gambling apps that are part of the Gamstop scheme are quite wide and varied, and as such if you have been gambling far too much at a bingo site, poker site or even an online or mobile casino or betting site then you really should be signing up to use the Gamstop service.

Does Gamstop Cover Land Based Gambling Venues?

The way that the Gamstop service has been designed is to help those who are gambling online or via a mobile device too much and wish to stop doing so, and as such, they do not offer a service or any aspect of their services regarding land-based venues. There is however a self-exclusion system in place at all UK Gambling Commission licensed venues, and as such, you should easily be able to self-exclude yourself from such venues.

Author: Thomas Torres