Is the National Lottery on GamStop?

Is the National Lottery on GamStop?

Is the National Lottery on GamStop?

September 20, 2022

Steve Anthorton

Non UK Gambling Sites

You will be excluded from playing the instant games available on the National Lottery website if you sign up to the GamStop service, but sadly you will not be excluded from buying scratch cards and lottery tickets from National Lottery outlets.

So, please do keep that in mind if you are experiencing gambling related problems with scratch cards or buying lottery tickets from such outlets, as you should consider asking the store assistants to stop selling you them if you do have a problem, as they will not know you are on GamStop.

The reason for only the online instant games being part of GamStop is that the service that organisation offers is predominately aimed at online and mobile gambling sites and apps and not land based venues.

Keep in mind that a large number of people have admitted they are addicted to scratch cards, and if you are one such person then please do take all steps possible to ensure that you get help and support with your addiction.

As GamStop will not be able to help you remove the risk of temptation buying scratch cards from a local store, one organisation that you should certainly consider making contact with and seeking support from is Gamblers Anonymous.

Playing Scratch Card Games Online

For anybody that does feel lucky today and fancies trying their luck playing scratch cards, but is on GamStop then all that they will need to do to be able to play those types of games is to head on over to any listed non UK based online casino.

The reason it is possible to gamble at such sites, even when you are on the GamStop register is simple, those sites are not required to check  to see if you are on that register, for they are not part of the scheme and haven’t signed up to it.

As for  whether there are any benefits of playing those types of games online at casinos that are not licensed in the United Kingdom, well there are a number of benefits of doing so and with that in mind in this guide I will give you an insight into what they are.

Just be aware though, if you know you have gambling related problems then you will always be best advised not to gamble in any way shape or form, as by doing so you will run the risk of losing money and will set back your recovery from a  gambling addition related problem if you do carry on gambling.

If you feel you can gamble safely and in a responsible way, then just to give you added peace of mind it will be beneficial for you to have in place a deposit limit at any sites you choose to play and gamble at, so if you do go ahead and play scratch card games online then always have a deposit limit in place.

Benefits of Playing Scratch Cards Online

Ok, let me now move onto giving you an insight into the benefits of choosing to play scratch card games online for real money, rather than simple popping into a local shop to buy them.

By choosing to play such games at for example any casinos not on GamStop the very first thing you will discover is that they are games which can be played for many different stake amounts, and therefore you can set and configure the amount of cash you spend on each one you play off.

You will know that the minimum costs of a scratch card in the UK from the National Lottery is £1, but when playing online you can set the amount you pay for those cards as low as just 10p, therefore you will be able to play them online for a much lower cost than you ever would buying scratch cards in a local store.

Also, and this is important, the pay backs are much higher when you play online. If you look on the back of a National Lottery scratch card you will see the win odds that each type of card has been set at, with that figure usually being around a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 chance.

The payout percentages when it comes to playing online scratch card games are higher than any ship bought scratch card, so when playing them online you really are going to experience more winning cards over the long term.

Non GamStop Sites with Scratch Card Games

#1List of Best Casinos Not on GamStop 100% Legal & Licensed Verified Bonus Mobile Friendly

Additional Scratch Card Sites

I would also like you to be aware that it is not only going to be at online and mobile casino sites and apps that you can access a diverse range of fun to play and potentially high paying scratch card games, for plenty of other gambling related sites and mobile gambling apps will have those types of games available as side games.

If you decide to sign up to for example any poker sites not on GamStop then always do take a look at their side games, as there is a good chance that you will come across quite a number of scratch cards on offer, some of which by the way offer more than one single chance of winning per card.

Many different non GamStop betting sites also have scratch card games on offer and available, so if you are waiting for example, for a sporting event that you have placed a bet on to start and want to have a chance of winning big then do try out those games as you never know, you may just win big when doing so.

Plus, you will not find those games are expensive to play either and you could win big even when playing for an extremely low stake amount, and a number of sites now additionally let you play at no risk whatsoever using demo mode version of the games to allow you to see if you do like the way they play and pay before playing for real money.

Extra Bonuses to Play Scratch Cards

Some of you may enjoy playing bingo online and if you do but you also want to have the ability to play scratch card games then it should be any of the non UK bingo sites that I have listed upon this website that you should be heading to play at, and there is one good reason why all of those sites are going to be worth checking out.

I have noticed and you will do too, that bingo sites tend to offer their real money players access to many additional bonus offers and promotional deals than any other type of gambling site, and those bonuses are often not only to be used on  bingo games but many of their side games as well.

That does of course mean therefore that by choosing to play scratch cards at quite a number of different bingo sites you are going to be showered with plenty of different promotional offers which could massively boost the value of your bankroll.

So keep that in mind, for the savviest players are always going to be looking for ways that they can make their gambling budget stretch that little bit further and by for example making use of a high valued deposit match bonus, that is one way you can get plenty of additional play time and lots of extra winning opportunities by claiming such bonuses at any of our featured non GamStop registered bingo sites, so do check them all out.

Keep Gambling Fun

Gambling should never be looked at as a way to make money, for due to there being a house edge on every single casino styled game, the odds are always going to be against you winning, so look at it as a paid for form of entertainment and always set yourself some limits when gambling too.

If you haven’t yet had a good look around this website then I openly invite you to do so for I have compiled plenty of blogposts such as my Cash or Crash Live Game Available at Non GamStop Casinos post which will introduce you to a brand new game that many players are raving about, and one that offers some huge winning payouts to real money players.

Keep in mind too that Players on GamStop Can Still Play Lightning Roulette Online and that new variant of the popular table game is always going to have you on the edge of your seat with excitement and if everything falls into place when playing it, some huge amounts of cash can be won, even if you play for low stakes.

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Author: Thomas Torres